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Estate and Rental Clean Out

Estate Clean Out

When a friend or loved one passes, clearing out a cluttered or a hoarded home presents a challenge for which you may not be ready, especially when you are grieving. Whether you knew this was coming or are taken by surprise, the burden can be more than you can handle. Let Florida Hoarding help!

 Florida Hoarding will work with you to develop the right course of action for your situation. For example, we can clear out the trash and unwanted items while you focus on items to be sold or distributed among family members. Or, let us work in the attic and basement while you clear out the main floor. Contact us for an estimate to see how we can help!

This is What We Do:

Florida Hoarding full services estate clean out includes:

  •  Unwanted items removal/hauling
  •  Charity distribution – ask your accountant about tax write-off’s
  •  Deep cleaning services
  • Disposal of unwanted items

Professional Estate clean out:

Florida Hoarding offers a complete estate clean out service for family and friends that need help with cleaning of the departed home or property.  Many times family members of the descendant are left not only with the burden of grief.  We have seen families work for days to sort and dispose the possessions of the loved one.  This is a very difficult and emotionally draining process to remove the clutter.  Let’s be honest, the burdens of settling an estate and dealing with death, at the same time, is more than one can handle.  Let Florida Hoarding manage the process of dealing with what a loved one has left behind.  We take great care and consideration in dealing with what matters the most to you and providing the best service for you. 

Home Estate Repair:

This is a free assessment of the home that can help in determining what needs to be repaired, replaced or removed (flooring, drywall, painting).  

 Home cleaning:  Upon completion, Florida Hoarding can provide thorough, deep cleaning of the property.  This would include wiping down of the windows, walls and ceilings. 


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Rental Clean Out

Attention property managers and landlords! Florida Hoarding can quickly clear out whatever your tenants have left behind so you can rent your unit as fast as possible. Whether the home or apartment is filthy, cluttered, or both, Florida Hoarding is here for you. We offer fair pricing and would love to earn your repeat business.

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